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North Georgia Martial Arts specializes in teaching the traditional arts of Shuri-Ryu Karate, Shuri-Te Ju-Jitsu and Yamanni-Ryu Kobudo (traditional Okinawan weapons).

We are pleased to annouce our new location and partnership with Bounce Athletic Club located in Cumming GA.

New students or a parent of a new student get a free gym membership to Bounce Athletic Club.

About Shuri Ryu

In the year 1373, the settlement of Kume Mura was founded on the island of Okinawa by the Chinese. Many years later, T'ung Gee Hsiang, who was living in Kume Mura at the time was approached by the legendary Choki Motobu and together, they combined their vast knowledge to develop the system of Shuri as it is taught today.

Karate was intoduced to the Okinawan public school system in 1901 by Anko Itosu. A brilliant pupil of Master Itosu named Gichin Funakoshi formally introduced karate to Japan in 1922 and went on to develop a style of karate called Shotokan.

In 1942, a young U.S. Navy serviceman named Robert A Trias was fortunate to cross paths with Master Hsiang and soon began the training he would bring back to America. When World War II ended in 1945, Master Trias returned to the United States and introduced karate to America. He opened his first school in 1946 and formed the United States Karate Association two years later.

Master Funakoshi and OSensei Trias


Student Area

You have reached the student area of the website. General information for all students will be posted here. Please ask your teacher for a user name and password to view your individual student information.

National Dojo Kun (creed)

I shall conduct myself in a manner which will reflect credit upon myself and society.

I shall be loyal to my school and to the art it teaches.

I shall be honest and exercise integrity with the purpose of developing cooperation and trust with my fellow karate-ka and my teachers.

I shall endeavor

I shall exercise restraint in the use of my karate knowledge, employing it only in fair competition or in defense of my life, my family, or my country.

Grandmaster of Karate
Robert A. Trias

Dojo Kun for all students
Karate begins and ends with courtesy
Actions have consequences
We lead by example
We are responsible
There is NO excuse for bad manners

Hanshi Ridgely Abele
Columbia School of Karatedo

Little Dragons and Youth Creed

K- Knowledge
A- Positive Attitude
R- Respect
A- Ability
T- Technique
E- Effort

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